Where Can You Find All Your Favorite Beverages Under One Roof?

Ollie's Liquor in Lubbock has enough booze to go around - twice!

The Best Selection of Domestic, Imported, and Craft Beers

With the best selection of craft beers in the Lubbock, TX, area and a variety of liquor and wine, Ollie's Liquor has the adult beverages you need to jump start your celebration.

Don't buy your liquor from a retailer who jacks up the price when you can save money by coming to Ollie's Liquor in Lubbock, TX. Not only do we sell liquor, beer and wine to individuals, we also offer the same selection for sale to wholesalers. As one of the few wholesale liquor stores in the area, we carry all the liquor, wine and beer for your bar, club or wedding venue. We offer volume discounts: 10% discount on cases of liquor and wine. We also deliver to licensed venues.