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10% Discount on All Cases of Liquor & Wine for your venue, restaurant, bar, or nightclub

When you have a venue or event that requires a large amount of beer, liquor or wine, Ollie’s Liquor is the place to go. We have everything you need to stock your bar, club, wedding venue or restaurant.

Since 2011, Ollie’s Liquor has been providing business owners with the liquor that keeps the drinks flowing. In addition to carrying a variety of wine and liquor, we also offer one of the best selections of craft beer in the area.

When you need whiskey by the wheelbarrow or gin by the gallon, call Ollie’s Liquor at 806-368-5962. Find all the sauce you can handle at our liquor store in Lubbock.

10% Discount on All Cases of Liquor & Wine

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